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LAMINATED PLASTICS PLANT – industrial enterprise of the Russian Federation that manufactures and supplies decorative high-pressure paper-based plastic laminate sheets, also called HPL plastic.  Decorative plastic is offered on the market under the trade mark SLOPLAST for various industries. The company manufactures several types of plastic including: compact-laminate for interior design of high-traffic premises (railway and bus stations, lobbies, hubs); facade plastic for exterior finishing in the system of suspended ventilated facades; postforming laminates for manufacturing kitchen facades and table tops; decorative plastic for production of furniture and interior design elements.  


  • Innovative approach to arrangement of decorative paper-based plastic laminate production
  • Self-confidence relating to forces and capabilities, commitment to success
  • Fairness and transparency in relations with the Company personnel and partners’
  • Responsibility in relations with the partners
  • Constant development and improvements in all the fields


  • High quality of the products and keeping the high level of quality of the decorative paper-based plastic laminate is confirmed with the International quality management standard ISO 9001:2008
  • High level of qualifications, perfect knowledge of the production technology, its integration into the industrial process, management of the high-pressure HPL plastic quality – these are the tasks being successfully solved by specialists of the company.
  • Customer-oriented approach. We always take into consideration interests of our clients and offer the products capable of satisfying their demands.
  • Wide range of products. Decorative plastics SLOPLAST mean the wide range of types, colors, surfaces, sufficient to put into practice any type of interior or exterior design solutions.

We are geared to development of domestic production of high-quality plastics

meeting requirements of the modern market of facing and construction materials

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