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Decorative paper-based laminate
Technical Specifications #         2256-028-05761896-2202


Laminate SLOPLAST D  is a multi-functional material for interior design of public and industrial premises , where wear resistance, hygienic and excellent aesthetic properties are required. SLOPLAST D is used for decorationof walls, elements of design of office premises, retail and entertainment complexes.   


SLOPLAST D is a unique material for office partitions. Thanks to a high density of the material, penetration of pollutions into the structure of panels is hindered. This plastic material is also resistant to chemicals, and thanks to this the material can be easily cleaned from different substances, while the surface is not damaged.  


SLOPLAST D is used in production of shower cabins. This material is resistant to moisture, vapor, chemical reactions, pollutions, fungi. Shower cabins made from laminate SLOPLAST are presented in fitness centers, swimming pools, on beaches, in children’s camps, etc.  

SLOPLAST D for manufacturing the doors. SLOPLAST D is a good alternative to natural veneer, laminate, and massive wood. This plastic decorative material for doors is offered with colors and textures imitating natural wood. Plus to good aestethic characteristics, this plastic material is easy to clean, resistant to chemicals and mechanical impacts.


A wide choice of patterns of  SLOPLAST laminate for doors has been expanded with designer patterns, and now a client can create his own pattern of the door surface.

Size: 1,320×3,050 mm., 1,570×3,050 mm.

Thickness: 0.6-25.0 mm.


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