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Decorative paper-based postforming laminate
Technical Specifications #         2256-029-05761896-2002

SLOPLAST P is used for production of furniture and interior desgn elements. SLOPLAST P is classified as a special type of decorative plastics, with the property of thermoplasticity at a certain temperature for a definite period of time, during which it is possible to form it  as necessary. Zavod Sloistykh Plastikov offers a solution for decoraton of tabletops, facades of kitchen furniture, details of office, cabinet, children’s and specialised furniture. Ability of this plastic material to form in curved shape under the influence of temperature makes it not easily replaced in cases when finishing of the curved surfaces is needed.

A wide range of color solutions -- from imitation of wood to fantasy patterns -- plus variants of one color patterns, makes it possible to put into practice very special designer solutions.
Decorative paper-based postforming laminate
SLOPLAST P is applied as a finishing material at manufacturing of building structures and elements of furniture, where finishing surfaces with curved shape is needed.
SLOPLAST P is manufactured with one decorated side. The decorated surface of laminate SLOPLAST P can be one-colored, with a printed pattern, matted, glossy, or with embossment  (various textured surface).  

Size: 1,320×3,050 mm.
Thickness: 0.6 mm.

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